Madonna’s Speech at Women’s March on Washington 2017

Famous singer and songwriter Madonna was one of the numerous female celebrities who participated in the historic 2017 Women’s March on Washington on January 22, 2017 where she delivered a very powerful speech to hundreds of thousands of people gathered there to promote a number of things, most notably women’s rights. Here are some interesting facts about the powerful and controversial speech Madonna gave on that historic day.

Singer Madonna delivering her powerful and very controversial speech at the 2017 Women’s March on Washington.
  • In her speech, the multi Grammy winning singer called the match ‘the revolution of love’ before going on to tell the crowd that it took ‘a horrific moment of darkness’ to wake people up. By the ‘horrific moment of darkness’, Madonna was apparently referring to the election of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States. She went on to clarify her point by saying ‘good did not win this election’ but assured everyone that in the end good will eventually win.
  • Madonna used the opportunity to attack all those who criticized the Women’s March by using the obscene phrase ‘f*** you’.
  • Talking abot the F-bomb, during her speech, Madonna dropped the F-bomb approximately three times. The singer’s first use of the profane word was in the following statement: ‘it took this horrific moment of darkness to wake us the f*** up’. The singer dropped the second and third F-bombs during her message to the detractors of the Women’s March.
  • A number of major news organizations such as MSNBC and CNN who were covering the event live were forced to stop broadcasting Madonna’s speech due to the unexpected F-bombs she began dropping.
  • As if those F-bombs were not enough, Madonna went on to cause another major controversy with her speech when she said she had thought a lot about blowing up the White House, but knew that doing that wouldn’t change anything. Shortly after Madonna uttered those words, a number of the prominent detractors of the Women’s March took to social media to condemn her. One such detractors was ace journalist Piers Morgan. According to Morgan, Madonna just said she wanted to bomb the White House and nothing happened to her. However, had any ordinary person said that, the person ‘would be arrested, charged and jailed.’
  • Madonna concluded by performing a number of notable songs for the crowd, including her rendition of ‘Human Nature’ and ‘Express Yourself’. During the performance of ‘Human Nature’, Madonna added some R-rated lyrics to the somg, one of which called for President Donald Trump to perform an obscene act on himself.

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